🦦🍈 Welcome to the official Behance Account for artist ottermelon! I am a 29-year-old artist based in Oregon. I graduated in 2015 with a degree in Video Game Art and Design specializing in Concept Art. I predominately illustrate digital fanart and original works, as well as traditional watercolor paintings. When I am not traveling to conventions, I sell merchandise such as prints, stickers, and keychains, and I offer digital and watercolor commissions! 🦦🍈 COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN!!

COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN!! Interested?? DM me on any of my social media handles for details or to secure a slot! 🌺


Where am I based? I was born, raised, and still reside in Oregon.What conventions do I booth at? How often am I at conventions? I primarily go to comic cons and anime conventions such as Emerald City, Lilac, Rose City, Fan Expos, and other shows! I post my convention schedules here and on my social media. I aim to do at least one convention a month!! I am currently booked through 2022 and am securing shows for 2023. I am branching out from the West Coast through the Midwest. I hope to be on the East Coast by 2023-2024.What do I offer? I primarily focus on highly stylized fanart, as well as original creations. I draw digitally and with watercolor. I offer prints, keychains, and stickers, and I will be releasing enamel pins in 2022! I also do commissions. Commission details can be found on my Instagram, as well as slot releases on my other social media accounts. I draw anything within reason (nothing that is too socially inappropriate) such as fanart, original characters, animals, etc. Some NSFW is okay such as blood or brief nudity.What programs and materials do I use? I use SAI 2 for my digital work with small touchups in Photoshop. For watercolors, I use Grumbacher, and the pens I use to ink traditional line art are Micron.**Please credit my art if you use it! Just a simple social media tag works!! You can tag any of my social media accounts to credit me.


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You can see my other social media handles for more examples of my work!